Business Advantages

  • 5 Exits directly on Interstate 85 - Macon County has both industrial and retail opportunities directly on I-85 at these exits. U.S. Highway 80 also dissects Macon County giving direct access to the Fort Benning and Columbus, GA markets.
  • Certified Industrial Parks and sites at four exits including large tracts with CSX Rail access…sites from 3 to 5 acres to 35 acres to 300 acres.
  • Two mega-sites for large industry off exit 22 with 750 acre and exit 38 with 2,500 acres with rail, gas, water, 5,000 paved air strip, sewer and access road.
  • Retail opportunities galore! Macon County has an increased daily population with a substantial need for restaurants, convenience stores and fuel as well as box retail. This demand is supported by a growing, defined student demographic of over 5,000 students at Tuskegee University that are underserved with retail shopping opportunities.
  • Situated between LaGrange, GA (50 miles) /Auburn-Opelika (18 miles) and Montgomery (15 miles); Macon County is virtually surrounded by growth and commerce. Commuting to and from surrounding communities can be done in 20 minutes with significant savings in cost of living and labor.
  • Research support from Tuskegee University and Auburn University as well as extension agricultural support from two land-grant extension programs.
  • History, Tourism and Recreation – Macon County is drenched in historic sites from Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver at Tuskegee University to the famed Historic Site of the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII. VictoryLand is one of America’s best known greyhound racing and gaming facilities located in Macon County.
  • Moton Field is a 5,038 airport directly on I-85 with a fixed based operator, fuel, lighted runway and maintenance facility and T-hangers. No city or community along the I-85 corridor has better air field access this close to the interstate.
  • Available work force can be found in and around Macon County. From Halla Climate Systems to the Tuskegee Veterans Affairs Medical Complex, a diversity of skilled and technical workers can be found and trained here in Macon County.